Near-Infrared Absorbent OPTLION®

What is Near-Infrared Absorbent OPTLION®?

The Near-Infrared Absorbent OPTLION® is an organic colorant that can absorb near-infrared rays in the 700-900 nm region.

  • Pigment molecules designed by applying our colorant synthesis technology
  • Can be provided as resist ink, a dispersion, a master batch, etc.
  • Low additive amount, high functionality (Can be thinner than 1 µm)
  • High transmittance in the visible region
    Sharp transmittance spectrum
    Absorbs 700-900 nm near-infrared light more efficiently than inorganic materials
  • Newly developed colorant has higher transparency compared to conventional products
Near-Infrared Absorbent OPTLION®coated on PET film (0.35 µm thick)

The newly developed OPTLION® has a much-improved transparency compared to the conventional version.

Uses of OPTLION®

These are some of the possible uses.

  • Transmissive Wavelength Selection: Noise reduction materials, Agricultural films
  • Heat Ray Absorption: Heat shield films

If your interests are in any other applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Transmission Spectra of OPTLION®

An example of a transmission spectrum of OPTLION® is shown below. By changing additive amounts and thickness, we are able to control the transmittance. We also have a library of products with different absorption wavelengths which we can offer according to our customers’ needs.

Transmission Spectra


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