IR Transmissive Materials

What are NIR transmissive materials?

Our NIR transmissive materials can efficiently absorb visible light while realizing a high transmission of IR.

  • Developed using our color resist technology
  • A thin layer can cut down visible region transmittance to <1%
  • >90% transmittance in the NIR region
  • Rising edge of the spectrum can be adjusted between 650nm~850nm according to our customers’ needs
  • Can be provided as resist ink, a dispersion, a master batch, etc.
NIR transmissive resist ink (above) coated on a glass substrate (below)

Uses of NIR transmissive materials

These are some of the possible uses.

  • Vehicle Installation: LiDAR sensors
  • Biometric Authentication: Iris recognition, Finger vein recognition, etc.

If your interests are in any other applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Transmission Spectra

Shown below is a simple illustration of what the spectrum of our NIR transmissive material would look like. The transmittance can be controlled by the amount of additives or coating thickness. We can also adjust the spectrum edge to fit our customers’ needs.

Transmission Spectra


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