Message from Management

Creating New Cultures through the Science of Light and Color

Newly established in 2018, Toyo Visual Solutions is the operational company working in the display devices field of the Toyo Ink Group.

We, TVS will offer not only the beauty of display devices with our color filter materials, but also further value and solutions with our visual technology.
Since then, we have been providing a wide variety of solutions in the optical science field, especially by giving light beautiful colors using our color filter materials.
In today’s rapidly changing social environment, we will continue to challenge ourselves to enrich the lives and cultures of the new generation by answering their ever diversifying needs.
We shall keep striving to produce new “Visual Solutions” by focusing our vision towards product development in the latest fields such as Autonomous driving, optical control materials that will expand the possibilities of mobility, 5G communication sensor materials that support smart city networks and new nano-dispersion materials that will drive further innovation in the security and medical fields.

With our goal of realizing a sustainable society where everyone can live a healthy and fulfilling life, as well as a company where all employees can dedicate themselves to a job they enjoy, we will continue to endeavor to deliver new value to our customers.

Toshikazu Tamura
Toshikazu Tamura
Yasuaki Nishimura
Representative Director, President