Our Brand

Our Company Name

TOYOINK GROUP has been delivering functional colorants such as pigments, color filter pastes, and color resists to FPD manufacturers all over the world. In September 2017, this display material business was separated as a new company.
Color filters are used not only in FPDs, but also in the image sensors of smartphones and digital cameras. Since our goal is to deliver materials to both display and sensor sectors, our new company was named TOYO Visual Solutions.

Our Brand Name

In order to go beyond with our display material business, we have named our brand TOYO VISUAL. Furthermore, since our main scope of business is in the Eastern Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, we set up another brand name “东洋翊绚/東洋翊絢”.
The “翊” represents “a falcon spreading its wings to fly” and also “one with a broad perspective and considerable intellect”. The “绚/絢” represents “colors that are vibrant, yet full of grace”.

Our Company Logo

The design of our company logo is based on an octagon for many reasons.
In many eastern Asian nations such as Japan and China, eight is said to be a number that brings good fortune. In many western regions eight is the number that represents “resurrection” and “reincarnation”.
According to Feng shui, which is valued greatly in Chinese business scenes, the octagon is a special shape that attracts positive energy.